2012 Candidates


On Tuesday, October 4, 2011, prior to our guest speaker, AIA Akron will be holding our Annual Meeting. During the Meeting we will hold the 2012 vote for the new slate of officers.

2012 Candidates – 



Past President



3-year Director

3-year Director

3-year Director

1-year Special Director

1-year Special Director          

1-year Special Director

3-year AIA Ohio Director

3-year AIA Ohio Alternate Director

Associate Director

1-year KSU CAED Liaison


Don Funk, AIA

Don Rife, AIA

Jack Baumann, AIA

Brian Miner, AIA

Todd Westover, AIA

Tim Meyer, AIA

Phil Steinberg, AIA (2 years remaining)

Paul Waltz, AIA (2 years remaining)

Mike Sanbury, Assoc. AIA

Melinda Smith, AIA

Stefanie Smith, AIA

Bob Chordar, AIA (1 year remaining)

Jeff Barber, AIA (1 year remaining


Doug Steidl, FAIA


2012 Candidates – below is what Don handed out at the meeting. Don, did you find someone for the Associate Director to replace Sarah?


President                                                         Don Funk, AIA

President-Elect                                                Don Rife, AIA

Past President                                                 Jack Baumann, AIA

Secretary                                                         Brian Miner, AIA

Treasurer                                                         Todd Westover, AIA

3-year Director                                                Tim Meyer, AIA

3-year Director                                                Phil Steinberg, AIA (2 years remaining)

3-year Director                                                Paul Waltz, AIA (2 years remaining)

1-year Special Director                                   Mike Sanbury, Assoc. AIA

1-year Special Director                                   Melinda Smith, AIA

1-year Special Director                                   Stefanie Smith, AIA

3-year AIA Ohio Director                              Bob Chordar, AIA (1 year remaining)

3-year AIA Ohio Alternate Director              Jeff Barber, AIA (1 year remaining

Associate Director                                          TBD

1-year KSU CAED Liaison                            Doug Steidl, FAIA

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