Newly registered architects CE requirement change

Ohio Architects Board – Newly registered architects CE requirement change


The Continuing Education requirement now applies to ALL architects, including those newly licensed by reciprocity or examination, regardless of the date the license was originally issued. This change took place on January 1, 2012.


All newly registered architects in the state of Ohio must complete continuing education requirements that same year.


The new policy is part of a national effort by NCARB and the AIA to standardize Continuing Education in order to eliminate the varied and differing requirements faced by architects who are registered in multiple states. In addition, this is a simplification of the requirements: the standard calls for 12 structured HSW requirements per calendar year.


In order to have a uniform national standard, the strictest requirements, which do not exempt new licensees, had to be adopted. There are quite a few states where new licenses are not exempt, and for Ohio to continue to exempt new licensees would put them at a disadvantage. This may not make sense to you now, but is actually a good thing for an Ohio licensee who is licensed by reciprocity in another state.


AIA members and Ohio registrants have been notified of the change on multiple occasions, including at renewal time and through both the Ohio Architects Board and AIA Ohio newsletters.


Please review the IDP Guidelines explaining how IDP candidates can receive IDP credit for AIA CES classes. Ohio does accept the AIA transcript as proof of completion of the CE requirement.


Please be aware: “It is not correct that a person can’t receive credit for CE taken prior to their registration date. The continuing education course has to have been taken in the calendar year for which the audit is being conducted. If a person is licensed in December 2012, they can submit coursework taken at any time during calendar year 2012.” – Amy Kobe 05/02/2012


Copies of the Continuing Education rules and CE Resources list are available on the website. CE can be entirely completed online and for free; it is not necessary to travel or take expensive seminars.


Please contact the board if you have additional questions.


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