2013 Chapter Meeting/Annual Meeting

Chapter Meeting/Annual Meeting

October 29, 2013

The Tangier


5:00pm Registration & Social, cash bar
5:30 Dinner
6:30 Annual Meeting
7:00 Presentation | 1 LU


MORE INFORMATION TO COME… We are moving to ONLINE REGISTRATION. You will receive an invitation with instructions to register.
There will be a vote for the following slate of officers and board of directors at the October Annual Meeting.


Emily Little – President
Melinda Scalfaro – President Elect
Don Rife – Past President
TBD – Secretary
Brandilyn Fry – Treasurer
Brian Miner – Director
Robert Marshall – Director
Phil Steinberg – Director
Craig Thompson – Director
Paul Waltz – Director
John Wheeler – Director
Robert Chordar – AIA Ohio Director
Don Rife – AIA Ohio Alternate
Mike Sanbury – Associate Liaison
Bill Willoughby – KSU CAED Liaison



Deadline to Register, October 24, 2013

AIA Akron is moving to on-line registration. You are invited to our October Annual Meeting. You may pay by credit card or by check. If by check, it must be received by October 24 (registration deadline), and payable to AIA Akron.

Cost:    AIA Akron Members – included in 2013 dues.

Non-chapter members of AIA Akron – $25.00. 

You may pay using a credit card or by check, to be paid in advance by the October 24 RSVP deadline.





PRESENTATION / 1LU AIA CES approved / 1 contact hour for other organizations:

Eugene P. Baxendale, PE, LEED AP: President, Business Improvement Catalysts:  Mr. Baxendale has over 35 years of experience in managing virtually every aspect of a professional business. This experience spans a wide spectrum of assignments which includes performing engineering services for automotive and industrial businesses to managing financial, purchasing and project management operations for a petroleum company. He started a Business Development organization from scratch for The Osborn Engineering Co., a professional engineering and architecture firm, and successfully built it for 18 years. He then was named President of the company and guided it to some of its greatest growth and prosperity, while modernizing its operations. Through his current consulting business, Business Improvement Catalysts, successful commissions include:

  • Assisting a minority-owned professional services firm in stabilizing operations and financial conditions. Designed a Business Development strategy and developed Business Projections for future business success. Assisting in developing alternative funding sources for Working Capital
  • Served as Vice President for Business Development for a small Construction Management firm, where he helped them gain access to new markets.
  • At the collegiate level, he is assisting a small college to plan and implement energy-saving capital improvements at their campus power plant.
  • Provided an analysis of the operations of the engineering arm of an architectural firm and developed an improvement plan for enhancing its operations and profitability, as well as its efficient integration in the organization of the company.
  • Provided guidance to a non-profit organization in planning and implementing the incorporation of a donated sculpture into a prominent building site.
  • Providing informal mentoring for a young engineer, with a focus on balancing career goals and objectives with family responsibilities and other life goals.
Wayne Minich will be a co-presenter with Mr. Baxendale on the Ownership Transition portion of the presentation. Wayne is the Owner and President of Applied Financial Concepts. He is a Certified Financial Planner that works primarily with small and medium sized companies and owners to assist with financial planning, succession planning and ownership transition. In serving his clients, he works with the philosophy that “I shall recommend that course of action which, were I in the same situation, I would apply to myself.”



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