#firmcrawlfriday 03.17.2017


Mota Design Group was founded in 2012 by Brett Moses and Joel Testa.  Having worked together previously on multiple projects, it was a natural partnership. They share a passion for progressive, forward thinking design. As an accomplished developer, Mr. Testa brings substantial experience from a perspective that starts from project conception through operations. Mr. Moses has extensive architectural experience in a broad range of projects and approaches each with a unique methodology.

It is our goal to develop a positive and productive culture which constantly strives for successful, innovative design solutions. We have established, through investigation, a collaborative planning and design process that results in thoughtfully designed projects that meet and exceed their specific needs and concerns. The successful development of this process has been critical to our future. We have been in a constant state of growth from the beginning. With this in mind, our internal structure has been built to allow for growth. Our focus is not solely design, but also our workflow. We look for ways to work more efficiently while reducing potential risks and errors. We look for better design and less expensive ways to achieve them.

Mota Design Group offers a full range of architectural, interior design, and graphic design services, providing high quality design completed on-time and on-budget.  Our projects range from multi-family residential to high-end restaurants and everything in between. Completed project budgets range from $25,000 to $45,000,000 and have included all construction types.

Our unique relationship with development has given us experience with mixed-use buildings often times resulting in our working with local start-up businesses who occupy a retail portion of the building. Because of this, we have had the opportunity to work with the owner not just on architectural design, but establishing how their business operates, programming of space, branding of their business and anticipating day-to-day operations. These businesses have been accounting, restaurants, bars, wedding consultants, apparel, retail art, coffee shops, an art gallery, barber shops, salons and more. Working with these different clients has given us the ability to see programming for each project as unique, yet understand the consistent challenges for all.

We look forward to the opportunity to further our growth. We feel strongly that we have the internal structure for success and the ability to provide excellent architectural services.

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