Lunch + Learn: UAV/Drone Technology

 AIA Akron & Akron-Canton CSI
November 8, 2017 Lunch and Learn
UAV/Drone Technology for the A/E/C Industry
Chad Hankins, one of our certified Remote Pilot/Drone Operators will be highlighting all of the benefits of UAV/Drone Technology as well as safe operations and best practices. You will understand what a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is, its technical capabilities and applications within the A/E/C industry. The presentation will cover FAA regulations, accuracy, camera detail, inspecting inaccessible or hazardous areas, flight characteristics and limitations.
Learning Objectives:
  1. Safe and Responsible UAV operations- as this technology rises in popularity, so do the regulations. UAVs reduce the fatality rate of workers when accessing difficult and high risk locations as well as other safety hazards. This course will illustrate the value which safe UAV operations can provide.
  2. Applications within the A/E/C industry- all of the uses and limitations to add efficiency and reduce costs. UAV’s provide accurate imagery from an aerial perspective to help improve everything on a site, even the social demographics of an area. There are a variety of uses such as aerial photography, Topographic mapping, DTM and DSM modeling, 3D Point Cloud modeling, progress photos, facility assessments, and inspection of infrastructure, parking lots etc., as well as many, many more.
  3. Technical capabilities of the UAV, its flight characteristics, limitations etc. Due to the longevity of the imagery and its accuracy, it could still be valuable 50 to 100 years from now.
  4. Knowledge of FAA regulations
Course #CTL021 – 1 HSW
AIA CES Provider: CTL Engineering, Inc.
Chad Hankins
Chad Hankins has been with CTL Engineering for almost two years in the role of Senior Geologist. He also now heads up the Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) department which has become a great tool supporting all of our services. He has a BS in Environmental Science from Kent State University and graduated in 2013. Chad has over 20 years mining experience in exploration and hydrology. He was on site in Alaska when he was with the Newmont Company. When Chad worked for Barrick he was on site in Nevada, Utah and Canada. He also has experience in copper exploration in Zambia working for Teal Mining Company. Chad is FAA certified and following are some of the projects in which he utilized the UAS. Our UAS team, led by Chad, did a building envelop survey of the  downtown Columbus iconic multi-story building – ‘James Rhodes Tower’ – a 41 story, 690 feet sky scraper, the tallest building in Columbus and 5th tallest in Ohio. The fame from this project led to another project for doing the survey of another historic and iconic building well known as ‘Lincoln LeVeque Tower’ a 47 story Art Deco Style, 555.5 feet sky scraper, the tallest building from 1927 to 1974 in Columbus. The team also mounted an infrared camera and conducted roofing survey of the largest convention center in Columbus – Greater Columbus Convention Center – a 1.8 million square feet facility to identify water leakage.