Lunch + Learn: Form, Function & Fire Safety

 AIA Akron & Akron-Canton CSI
December 6, 2017 Lunch and Learn
Form, Function & Fire Safety
Learning Units: This program is registered with AIA / CES for 1.0 Learning Unit Hour
and qualifies for a Health Safety Welfare (HSW) credit.
This live course offers an in-depth look at fire-rated glazing and framing materials and
their role in fire protection.
Topics covered:
* New trends in fire-rated glazing
* Active vs. passive fire protection systems
* Fire-rated glazing system testing: fire, impact and hose test
* Project assessment: What to look for when specifying fire-rated glass
* How to meet codes without compromising aesthetics
* Fire-rated glazing systems and sustainable design
By completing this course, participants will:
* Learn what questions to ask to ensure that the proper product is specified and
* Gain a better understanding of the different categories of fire-rated glazing materials,
and their role in fire protection
* Receive current information on how the latest codes and product developments
impact design
* Explore new trends in fire-rated glazing and innovative design options
* Learn ways to incorporate fire-rated glazing systems into an overall sustainable
This presentation includes a discussion, DVD presentation and question and answer time.Technical Glass Products (TGP) is the North American and Middle East distributor of a
wide range of fire-rated glazing and framing products.