Lunch + Learn: March 28, 2018

AIA & CSI Lunch & Learn (March 28, 2018)

Light and Color with LEDs

Presented by Myriad Energy Solutions

Our eyes can play tricks on us when it comes to color and how the eyes adapt.  Lighting designs are affected, positively and negatively, by this.  Understanding basic vision science, and how the eye perceives colors of objects and the environment, are important elements in design considerations. Comprehending color metrics that are used with conventional and LED sources will allow for a more thoughtful technical and artistic approach to the design.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the basics of vision science, and how we see color in our environment.
  2. Describe current color metrics and terms such as: CRI and evolving color scales, Correlated Color Temperature, and trichromatic theory.
  3. Describe how lighting affects how we perceive the color of objects and the environment, and the tradeoffs between color rendering and efficacy.
  4. Understand these effects when designing lighting solutions, using conventional and/or LED sources.

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