Lunch + Learn: May 9, 2018

AIA & CSI Lunch & Learn (May 9th, 2018) 

Window Code Fundamentals, presented by Anderson Commercial
project ID 58722
Keeping up with ever evolving window codes can be a challenge for even the most experienced construction industry professional. This course will address some of the core codes and testing methods for windows, such as accessibility, emergency escape and rescue, fall protection, and safety glazing. Exceptions to the rules will also be addressed along with applications and scenarios where these codes apply. 
Learning Objectives 
  1. Ascertain the different elements of accessibility codes for windows.
  2. Identify emergency escape and rescue regulations, as well as exceptions to the rules.
  3. Understand fall protection requirements, compliance methods, and the variance between residential and commercial applications.
  4. Distinguish when and where safety glazing is required for windows.
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