AIA Grassroots 2018 Press Release

AIA’s annual leadership event reinforced one message for architects who want to exert influence: Find a seat at the local table.

Last month AIA Akron representatives attended AIA’s Grassroots Conference held in San Diego, California. Board President-Elect Peter Marks, Past President Eric Pros, AIA

 and Executive Director, Jillian Tipton represented the chapters elected leadership.

AIA’s annual leadership event featured three days of inspiration and insight from mayors, developers, and urban planners, all of whom discussed expanding roles for architects in the reinvigoration of cities and community growth. The consensus: Start local. Find your niche, build your confidence, reinforce your value, and additional opportunities will emerge.

The Grassroots conference is held every year to share knowledge, experiences and challenges for chapter leaders and component officers. If you would like to learn more about Grassroots 2018 and the sessions AIA Akron attended, reach out to Jillian Tipton at