Lunch + Learn: July 11, 2018

AIA & CSI Lunch & Learn (July 11, 2018)

Acoustically Enhanced Gypsum Board
Designed for High STC Wall Assemblies
Presented by Thad Goodman, National Gypsum

Over the years sound transmission in wall partitions has been a difficult issue to resolve. The use of sound resilient metal channels, double stud and staggered stud walls filled with  insulation was the design professional’s choice. As a result of innovation and a better understanding of acoustics, additional products are now available for the design of high STC wall assemblies.
Participants of this course will learn about the different sound resilient assemblies available for the design and construction of high STC wall partitions. We will also discuss fire rated assemblies, area separation walls and other wall partitions that require reduced sound transmission from space to space. At the end of this presentation participants will have a better understanding of conventional construction methods as well as an innovative means of  decreasing sound transmission while increasing valuable square footage.

Registration will close with 20 registrants or 
the Friday before our event, whichever comes first.