The American Institute of Architects denounces conditions at detention centers

The American Institute of Architects urges local, state, and federal leaders to work together to safeguard the dignity, safety, and welfare of everyone regardless of race, creed, gender, age or national origin in their custody and care at detention facilities.

AIA’s members are driven, as so clearly stated in our Code of Ethics, to “uphold human rights in all their professional endeavors.” Fundamentally, AIA’s vision is that the built environment promotes and preserves the health, safety, and welfare of every individual, and fosters universal respect for human dignity.

The conditions as described by numerous media reports and congressional fact-finding missions to detention facilities make clear that these buildings are not designed to handle the sheer numbers of people in them nor do they sustain the health, safety, and welfare of their occupants, many of whom are women and children. Above all, the misuse of these buildings and the impact on occupants in them are contrary to our values as architects and as Americans.

Architects are leading efforts to promote the design of safe, dependable, and healthy housing or shelter, including detention facilities.  Good design can ensure security and safety for staff and the traveling public combined with respect for human dignity and our nation’s fundamental values.

The AIA stands ready to advance governmental policies, regulations and procedures that provide the transparency, consistency and predictability needed to maintain or improve the health, safety, and welfare requirements for all buildings.

AIA calls for building inspectors and others (with appropriate authority) to proactively evaluate facilities to ensure that they are in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of inhabitants. Consistent with applicable laws and codes, we urge swift correction and mitigation of all building code violations and that existing building codes be used to ensure the safety and welfare of all.

This statement was published July 22, 2019.

A’19: A Report from AIA Akron 2020 President Julie Whyte, AIA

In early June, delegates from AIA Akron traveled to Las Vegas for the 2018 AIA Conference on Architecture.

Components from all over the country gathered for the AIA Annual Meeting to kick off the conference. During the annual meeting, delegates voted on the proposed bylaw amendments as well as the approved resolutions. The two amendments voted upon were regarding the titling of allied members and the long-term financial stability and flexibility of the organization. Both amendments passed after hearty discussion and debate. Eleven amendments were proposed at the meeting as well, the highlight of these being Resolution 19-11: Resolution for Urgent and Sustained Climate Action. The new resolution proposed that AIA prioritize urgent climate action and support the movement to “decarbonize” buildings and the environment. The resolution was passed by an overwhelming majority of the delegates. The conference in the three days that followed was centered around the theme “Blueprint for a Better Future,” with sessions focusing on design being the incubator for transformation and positive change within communities. The city of Las Vegas was a stunning backdrop for this inspiring and motivating conference.

Practice Innovation Lab: OVR


The Ohio Valley Region of AIA, with the support of the Young Architects Forum and National Associates Committee, is hosting a Practice Innovation Lab (PIL) workshop.


The workshop consists of three sessions over two days in Cincinnati in tandem with the OVR Convention. The PIL will consist of teams of 5-7 individuals of any member category from each chapter in the OVR and will commence on August 2nd with a half-day workshop focused on introductions and high-level conversation on innovation. Teams will return home and spend the next several weeks working together to develop their concept. On Thursday, September 19th, teams will reconvene in Cincinnati for a full day of development in preparation for Friday’s presentation at the OVR Convention Keynote session. Travel stipends have been budgeted for teams to make the trip.

AIA Fellow Activities in Las Vegas, A’19

AIA Fellows are recognized with the AIA’s highest membership honor for their exceptional work and contributions to architecture and society. Architects who have made significant contributions to the profession and society and who exemplify architectural excellence can become a member of the AIA College of Fellows.

To find out what our AIA Fellows will be doing for A’19, check out the flyer below.

A’19 Tri-Fold Conference Guide

Bruce for President!

AIA Akron is proud to officially endorse Bruce Sekanick, FAIA in his candidacy for AIA National President.
AIA  has been blessed to have Bruce as a member since 1985. Over the past three decades, Bruce has given graciously of his time to advance the practice of architecture and has held positions at the AIA local, state and national levels. Please help us share his message with others throughout the AIA community in the weeks running up to the AIA National Conference in Las Vegas June 6-8.

To learn more about Bruce and what he stands for, visit


Building a Respectful and Harassment-Free Workplace Culture

In this eLearning series provided by the AIA, participants will learn the nuts and bolts of workplace harassment, how to address it, and the best practices, strategies, and solutions for how to initiate and sustain a workplace culture transformation. The course is free for members and is accessible through AIAU.

AIA 2030 Commitment By The Numbers

The drumbeat of news about effects related to a changing climate—and the resulting loss of life and property—refuses to stop. The 2018 IPCC report clearly communicates the urgency to take substantial steps towards reducing our energy consumption and combating climate change—for our well-being and that of our environment.

With 40 percent of US energy consumed by buildings, architects play a key role in making significant reductions in COemissions. The AIA 2030 Commitment program offers architects a way to publicly show their dedication and track progress toward a carbon-neutral future. Since 2009, participants in the Commitment have reported the performance of their firm portfolios over each calendar year. The data, collected via the 2030 Design Data Exchange (DDx), includes building type, area, baseline energy performance, and predicted energy performance.

Firms who have joined the 2030 Commitment are already putting in the work. In this single year, the 2030 Commitment participants reported energy savings equivalent to the carbon that would be sequestered by 21 million acres of forest in the US in a year. That’s nearly as big as the state of Maine.

Learn more about the impact 2030 Commitment firms are making in the 2017 by the numbers summary report, now available for download.

Download (PDF, 9.16MB)

AIA Ohio: Equity in Architecture Survey 2018

Please remember to take Equity by Design’s third Equity in Architecture Survey before it closes Friday, March 16! Developed by AIA San Francisco, the survey aims to explore career equity experiences among architecture school graduates.

The survey should take between 20-25 minutes to complete. If you’ve already received an invitation from another organization, please take the survey only once. Also, do not forward this survey link to others to preserve the integrity of the survey.

Take the Survey

To learn more about Equity by Design and this year’s survey, visit
For questions about the survey, please contact our research partner, Kendall Nicholson at

Thank you for your participation!



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