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AIA Akron Design Awards Biennale


Good morning AIA Akron Designers,
On the behalf of AIA Akron, I would like to formally invite you to participate in the upcoming AIA Akron Design Awards Biennale.  I know that there has been a tremendous amount of exceptional work completed in our region over the past two years, and I hope that you will take the time to share your accomplishments with us.  Awards submissions will be due August 25th 2017, with a tentative awards ceremony date of October 20th 2017.  I ask that you strongly consider sharing your work with us this fall, and I wish you the best of luck.  Please see below for submission requirements
General Submission Requirements
Firm:  The submitting firm must be the Design Firm.
Location: The design Firm must have an operating office in the AIA Akron Territory; and the project must have been produced in an AIA Akron region office. (project/job offices are not eligible)
Submissions: The submitting designer, or at least one principal from their firm must, be a member of AIA Akron.
Entries may be in one of the following categories. 
Category 1: Newly completed buildings, additions, remodelings, renovations, restorations;
Category 2: Interior projects;
Category 3: Urban design or planning projects/studies;
Category 4: Unbuilt projects.
Category 5: Student projects.
  • Entries must be completed since January 1, 2011 regardless of project size, geographical location, budget, style or building type.
  • Unbuilt projects include a design that will never be executed (i.e. a contest entry that was not chosen).
The design awards program will promote and focus attention on quality design, sustainability, and AIA’s 10 principles of livable communities.  The jury will evaluate all projects based on the aesthetic, functional, contextual and social characteristics of the design.  The jury will also evaluate submissions in categories 1-4 based on their successful response to one or more of AIA’s 10 principles of livable communities.
Those ten principles are:
  1. Design on a human scale
  2. Provide choices
  3. Encourage mixed-use development
  4. Preserve urban centers
  5. Vary transportation options
  6. Build vibrant public spaces
  7. Create a neighborhood identity
  8. Protect environmental resources
  9. Conserve landscapes
  10. Design matters
The principles will be broadly interpreted to apply to all categories of projects. Projects will be evaluated based on the information contained in the submissions. The jury will not visit projects.
Sufficient drawings including a site plan, floor plan(s), section(s), etc. to explain the solution are required.
  • Exterior images of the project sufficient to completely describe the work accomplished are required, except for Interior Submissions.
  • For current projects, a minimum of two required images shall depict the major exposed sides of the building along with the immediate environs.
  • For projects involving exterior alterations to an existing building, similar “before” and “after” images are strongly suggested.

Specific Submission Requirements
Highlight Image in addition to the category images, all submitting projects are required
to upload an image that will be used for the people’s choice award, and on the AIA Akron website if the submission is given an award. 300dpi if possible.
  • Category 1: Newly completed buildings, additions, remodelings, renovations, restorations will require up to 15 images, including drawings of a site plan, floor plan(s), section(s), and a minimum of 2 exterior and 2 interior images.
  • Category 2: Interior submissions will require up to 15 images, including drawings of floor plan(s), section(s), and a minimum of 4 interior images.
  • Category 3: Urban design or planning projects/studies will require up to 15 images adequately representing the project.
  • Category 4: Unbuilt projects will require up to 15 images adequately representing the project.
  • Category 5: “The AIA Akron Student Design Awards program focuses on high quality, innovative design responses. This program allows students to submit any school project they have worked on during the past academic year, including projects completed outside of the classroom setting (e.g. competitions). Students may even elect to re-address projects previously submitted as part of coursework and improve their original design solution. The AIA Ohio Student Design Awards provides all students with the opportunity to submit their best and most innovative work.”
Students may submit any work that they have completed either individually or as a team (identified as such) within the past academic year. (May 2016 -May 2017)
The work can be from a studio project, independent study or just a project or
concept that appeals to the student.  Will require up to 15 images, including
drawings of a site plan, floor plan(s), section(s), and a minimum of 2 exterior
and 2 interior images.
The students, in addition to their images, will need to submit a written
description of their work.  This should be a 100-150 word statement of their
process, or their approach to addressing the studio problem.  While projects will be evaluated on the entire composition, it is also important for the projects to be juried against the students’ own statement.
Cost: $75 (Fee waived for Student Work)
Payable to: AIA Akron
Thank you in advance for your participation in this noble tradition.
Director of Design | President, AIA Akron

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cedarwood arch

Cedarwood Architectural is the architectural design arm of Cedarwood, a national real estate company offering full-service in-house resources through its family of companies that include Cedarwood Development, Tri-C Construction and Riverview Management. Our vertically integrated resources are designed to ultimately save our clients time and money throughout the development, design and construction process. We treat every client with integrity and respect. Read more

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tc architects


For over sixty-four years, TC Architects has been involved in “Green” architecture and the design of sustainable, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly buildings. We have consistently designed high performance buildings that are cost effective to build, operate, and maintain with low impact to the environment. Read more

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Mota Design Group was founded in 2012 by Brett Moses and Joel Testa.  Having worked together previously on multiple projects, it was a natural partnership. They share a passion for progressive, forward thinking design. Read more

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Hasenstab Architects

hoz’-in-stob : hard to pronounce. easy to work with.

The “easy to work with” part has been our reputation and our story for nearly 35 years of delivering high quality architectural and engineering services from our offices in Akron, Ohio to the Northeast Ohio region and points beyond.Read more

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Mann Parsons Gray Architects

Founded in 1972, the firm has had a consistent history finding viable solutions to building needs for clients. The success of this is best expressed by the continued confidence of our clients as demonstrated through successive projects and years of continuous service.

Concern for individual client’s needs and desires combined with the fine expertise and diverse background of the firm’s members, provides a solid base from which all aspects of a building project can be analyzed and solved. From aesthetic desires to economical considerations and long range planning, the firm has addressed and guided clients with varying building requirements.

The majority of our work is commissioned by repeat clients. We have provided professional services for a long list of healthcare, commercial hospitality, governmental and multi-family residential clients representing a wide range of building types. We urge you to explore our online portfolio.

The firm has continued to grow over the years due to our straightforward practical approach to building design, providing not only functional, but also visually pleasing architecture. The office/studio environment is one of collaborative input among the professional staff. Frequent contact between the Principals, architects, and support staff permits a continuing shift of perspectives which foster creative, fresh design solutions. Broad experience in a diversity of project types affords a solid background to handle most unique building situations.

Clients of Mann Parsons Gray Architects enjoy the benefits of a well established local firm and the collaborative design efforts associated with a team approach for each and every project.

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Domokur Architects

Our designs are a reflection of the mission and culture conveyed by each client. We create physical environments that are intimately connected to people, function, context and the environment to achieve the highest level of beauty and practicality.

We Listen, Collaborate, Create and Implement.

Each client and project is unique, but there are fundamental steps in our process that enable us to capture each vision and turn them into realities. We seek to thoroughly understand a design problem before offering a solution through communication with our clients about their needs and desires. Project delivery is highlighted by our steadfast attention to detail and our commitment to delivering the highest quality of professional services with the goal of creating exciting projects that exceed the expectations of our client as well as the people who will experience the environment.

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Braun & Steidl Architects

Overview & History

Braun and Steidl Architects provides architectural, interior design, and master planning services on projects that range from intricate restorations and renovations to multimillion dollar new structures, with a wide variety of building types. We pride ourselves on being a resource for our clients to assist them with, not only the initial project planning and design, but also as a resource for their ongoing maintenance needs. This background allows us to draw from a wide range of experience to respond to client desires with creative and appropriate design solutions.

Our firm is the recipient of the AIA Ohio Gold Medal Firm Award, which is bestowed upon firms that promote “the aesthetic, scientific and practical excellence of the profession.” We are proud that this award reflects distinguished service and design excellence, our ability to exceed client expectations, and it is one reason why over 85% of our work comes from repeat clients.

Braun & Steidl Architects was established in 1983 as an Ohio Professional Corporation in Akron, Ohio by founding principals Jack Braun, AIA, and Doug Steidl, FAIA. We expanded our geographical reach in 1994 with the opening of our Columbus, Ohio office. Now, into our fourth decade, our firm has evolved from its origin as a local practice to one that encompasses regional and national clientele. We have developed a strong portfolio in religious, higher education, K-12 schools, public, corporate, historic restoration, housing and hospitality markets.

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