Emerging Talent Award

In order to encourage leadership, engagement and design excellence, The AIA Akron Board of Directors has established the AIA Akron Emerging Talent Award. Through this award, AIA Akron seeks to recognize those individuals who, in the early stages of their career, have continuously demonstrated an innovative approach to design, have created a unique architectural voice, have shown exceptional leadership or who have made significant contributions to the architecture profession.

Winners will be celebrated at the  2019 Design Awards Celebration on September 12, 2019, held at The Trailhead at Cascade Lofts in Akron, Ohio. 


Those eligible to be nominated for this award include recent graduates (those who are unlicensed and who have a degree from an accredited architectural program) and young architects (those individuals who have been licensed to practice less than ten years). All nominees must be current members of AIA Akron at the time of their nomination.

Nominations for this award may be made by any AIA Akron member, including groups of members, Architect members, and Associate AIA members. Self-nominations will also be accepted.


While the information provided as part of the nomination may include information related to all of the award categories above, each nomination shall select only one category from which they choose to submit. Awards in any one category are not limited in number, but the total number of awards conferred in any year shall not exceed three. Nominations can be made in any of the following categories:

Design Excellence

  • The demonstration of an innovative approach to design or through the development of a unique architectural voice.

Design Advocacy

  • The promotion and advancement of issues that impact the practice of architecture. These issues include, but are not limited to advancing architecture through community service that impacts new, underrepresented or diverse communities, finding new strategies to advance the implementation of a culture of inclusion, diversity, and engagement, and service to the profession in new and original ways.

Alternative Paths in Design

  • Utilizing the skills obtained through architectural education in ways that advance the value of the practice of architecture through service in unique, alternative career paths. This category seeks to recognize those who through their passion, persistent creativity, and innovative thinking, find and implement new ways to advance the value of architecture to the community, students or others in the profession.


Submissions shall be submitted electronically in one pdf file containing 8.5”x11” sheets. Submissions shall be made via email to AIA Akron Executive Director Jillian Tipton, at jtipton@aiaakron.org, no later than the date indicated in the call for nominations.


  • Entry Deadline: Thursday, August 1 2019. Please note, no late entries will be accepted.  
  • Thursday, September 12, 2019:  Design Awards Celebration, held at The Trailhead at Cascade Lofts.