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AIA Akron

AIA Akron is a local component of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). We represent over 170 members in 11 counties of the greater Akron area. Our mission is to organize and unite in fellowship the members of the Architecture profession. We promote the aesthetic, scientific and art of planning by advancing the standards of architectural education, training, and practice, to coordinate the building industry and the profession of architecture to ensure the advancement of the living standards or people through their improved environment.

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ARE Study Material

AIA Akron Associate ARE Study Material

AIA Akron is proud to announce that we added Architectural Registration Exam (A.R.E.) 4.0 Study Materials to benefit Associates through a generous Emerging Professionals Component Grant from AIA National written by former Associate Director, Derek Mast and carried out by current Associate Director, Sarah Markley who acquired additional discounts. AIA Akron has now added a full set of Kaplan Study Books, Practice Exams and Flashcards along with a full set of PPI Sample Problems and Practice Exams, an additional copy of the ARE Review Manual, an additional copy of the high demand Structural Systems guide, and 2 LEED study packages with flashcards. We are happy to offer these in our lending library. Please see below for websites and lending library policies.

Kaplan [Link]

PPI [Link]



2011-001    ARE Lending Library

A.    A member or non-member may loan out ARE (Architecture Registration Exam) materials based on the following guidelines:

  1. A personal check will have to made out to AIA Akron for the amount of $125 for the loan of the material.  The check will not be cashed or deposited, but will go on file at the AIA Akron Office.
  2. The $125 check is a deposit and will only be cashed and deposited to AIA Akron to replace any lost or damaged items.
  3. The material will be on loan for one month, at which time, the Executive Director will notify the borrower by email to determine if they are finished with the material or if they would like to extend the loan time for another month.
  4. All loaned material will be on a month to month basis with a maximum of three months.  After three months, the borrower is to return the material to the AIA Akron office.  Checking out material for longer than a three month period hinders others from utilizing the material.  If there is not a demand for the material within 60 days after the original borrower’s return, the original borrower can re-check out the same material on a month to month basis.
  5. When the material is returned in good order, the borrower’s check will be returned.

Best wishes,
Sarah Markley
AIA Akron Associate Director

AIA Ohio Associate Director-Elect

2012 Candidates


On Tuesday, October 4, 2011, prior to our guest speaker, AIA Akron will be holding our Annual Meeting. During the Meeting we will hold the 2012 vote for the new slate of officers.

2012 Candidates – 



Past President



3-year Director

3-year Director

3-year Director

1-year Special Director

1-year Special Director          

1-year Special Director

3-year AIA Ohio Director

3-year AIA Ohio Alternate Director

Associate Director

1-year KSU CAED Liaison


Don Funk, AIA

Don Rife, AIA

Jack Baumann, AIA

Brian Miner, AIA

Todd Westover, AIA

Tim Meyer, AIA

Phil Steinberg, AIA (2 years remaining)

Paul Waltz, AIA (2 years remaining)

Mike Sanbury, Assoc. AIA

Melinda Smith, AIA

Stefanie Smith, AIA

Bob Chordar, AIA (1 year remaining)

Jeff Barber, AIA (1 year remaining


Doug Steidl, FAIA


2012 Candidates – below is what Don handed out at the meeting. Don, did you find someone for the Associate Director to replace Sarah?


President                                                         Don Funk, AIA

President-Elect                                                Don Rife, AIA

Past President                                                 Jack Baumann, AIA

Secretary                                                         Brian Miner, AIA

Treasurer                                                         Todd Westover, AIA

3-year Director                                                Tim Meyer, AIA

3-year Director                                                Phil Steinberg, AIA (2 years remaining)

3-year Director                                                Paul Waltz, AIA (2 years remaining)

1-year Special Director                                   Mike Sanbury, Assoc. AIA

1-year Special Director                                   Melinda Smith, AIA

1-year Special Director                                   Stefanie Smith, AIA

3-year AIA Ohio Director                              Bob Chordar, AIA (1 year remaining)

3-year AIA Ohio Alternate Director              Jeff Barber, AIA (1 year remaining

Associate Director                                          TBD

1-year KSU CAED Liaison                            Doug Steidl, FAIA

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Jillian R. Tipton
Executive Director

2841 Riviera Drive, Ste. 120
Fairlawn Ohio 44333
Appointment Only. 

P: 330-699-9788
E: jtipton@AIAakron.org